Barbara L Boxer

Shoulder to Shoulder- Oct. 18, 2010

Barbara L Boxer
October 18, 2010
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Campaign status: Won

Barack Obama: This is Barack Obama.,On November 2, California has a choice, and the stakes couldn't be higher. I'm asking you to get out and vote for Senator Barbara Boxer. Barbara Boxer is fighting every single day for jobs, to get our economy back on track and put California back to work. Whether it's new clean energy jobs, or leading the fight against tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, she's determined to get the words Made in America on our products. Let me say this, Barbara Boxer knows who she's fighting for. Her afterschool law keeps a million kids off the streets and out of gangs. And Senator Boxer is taking on the banks, helping families stay in their homes. Make no mistake California, we can't go back. I've stood shoulder to shoulder with Barbara Boxer through the tough fights. I believe California needs her, and I know I need her. So whether you mail in your ballot, vote early, or vote on Election Day, get out for Barbara Boxer.

Barbara Boxer: I'm Barbara Boxer and I approve this message.