Kirsten E Gillibrand

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Kirsten E Gillibrand
September 12, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

GILLIBRAND: I was the first member to publish my Senate meetings, requests for funding, and personal income taxes online.

I voted against the tax breaks that Congress gave to companies that moved our jobs overseas.

I want to see "Made in America" again.

We need to have all the tools necessary to keep our community safe.

I also want to work on marriage equality. I want to make sure everyone in this country can be married to the people they love.

We need women to understand that not only are their voices necessary, but when they're at the table, the outcomes are better.

Standing up for women and families is personal.

$90 a month less food going into the mouths of our children and our families, our seniors and our veterans.

JON STEWART (clip from The Daily Show): Instrumental in passing the repeal of Don't Ask/Don't Tell, instrumental in passing the 9/11 First Responders Bill, instrumental in passing the Food Safety Bill, instrumental in the ban on drop-side cribs, instrumental in stopping illegal drugs from crossing the Canadian border. You have done all this very much under the radar, out of the spotlight.