Renee Ellmers

Renee for Congress Radio Ad - April 2, 2012

Renee Ellmers
April 02, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: A call for help was always met with a smile and a commitment to make things better. For over 21 years, Renee Ellmers has dedicated her life to comforting, caring and lending a helping hand to those in need. As a registered nurse, wife, mother, successful businesswoman, Renee Ellmers helped lead the family’s small medical practice, where she balanced the budget and created jobs. Ellmers knows patient wellness should be in the hands of doctors, not politicians and bureaucrats. And in Congress, Ellmers has voted to repeal Obamacare. One hundred percent, pro-life a champion for our military, strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights and committed woman of faith, Renee Ellmers shares our values. In Congress, Ellmers voted to balance the budget, for 10 trillion-plus in spending cuts and less regulation so small business can create jobs. A life committed to serving others. Conservative, Republican—Renee Ellmers for Congress.

ELLMERS: I'm Renee Ellmers and I approve this message.

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