Mary Fallin

Real People - Sept. 29, 2010

Mary Fallin
September 29, 2010
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Campaign status: Won

WOMAN: What you want from our next governor?

WOMAN: Someone who will fight the Obama administration.

MAN: And their crazy liberal schemes…

MAN: … like government-run healthcare.

WOMAN: That’s Mary Fallin.

MAN: She has the most conservative record in Oklahoma.

WOMAN We need a governor that will fight illegal immigration.

WOMAN That's Mary Fallin

MAN: She supports the Arizona law.

MAN: We need a governor who will cut wasteful spending…

WOMAN: …and lower taxes.

WOMAN: That's Mary Fallin

MAN: Her plan gets us on the right track.

MAN: Mary Fallin.

WOMAN: Mary Fallin.

MAN: No one will work harder for Oklahoma.

FALLIN: No one.