Barbara Comstock

On the Trail - Oct. 6, 2016

Barbara Comstock
October 06, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: This is Rupert. He's hot on the trail of LuAnn Bennett. Bennett wants to be a congresswoman in Virginia's 10th congressional district, even though she hasn't lived in our district for over 10 years and only moved to a rental last December. Where did Bennett live before that? Rupert and his friends are following the trail. Official records put LuAnn Bennett in Arlington County, where she moved in 2004, and then more recently in 2014 and 2015 in Washington, DC. One of Rupert's friends dug this up. It's LuAnn Bennett's own Facebook post saying she moved to Washington, DC, in 2014. Then, Rupert found more proof that LuAnn Bennett lived in Washington at the luxury Ritz-Carlton Residences. Here's LuAnn's name on the Ritz-Carlton property. Since the Ritz-Carlton is pet-friendly, Rupert went in LuAnn's Washington, DC, condo for a look. Here are the pictures Bennett posted of her $1.3 million home. That's LuAnn Bennett in a framed family photo at her Ritz-Carlton home in Washington. It's looking like case closed. LuAnn Bennett lived in Washington. But wait -- one of Rupert's friends uncovered this. Now, an independent nonpartisan group, filed a complaint against LuAnn Bennett, saying that while she lived in Washington, DC, for the last two years, Bennett failed to pay Washington, DC, income taxes. Looks like LuAnn Bennett is in big, doggone trouble. What's LuAnn got to say about not paying taxes in Washington, DC?

BENNETT: Virginia. Always, for 35 years.

ANNOUNCER: Rupert sniffed out the facts and the case is closed. LuAnn Bennett lived in Washington, worked in Washington, and wasn't living in our congressional district for over 10 years until she decided to run for Congress. Sorry, Luann, Rupert isn't buying your story, and neither are Virginians.