Shelley Moore Capito

Medals of Honor- Aug 25, 2014

Shelley Moore Capito
August 25, 2014
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Campaign status: Won

CAPITO: I'm Shelley Moore Capito, and I approve this message.

MIKE KEENEY: My mom told us kids that Dad was different when he came back from overseas. He was stationed in Germany during the war trials and he wound up [unintelligible]. When my dad passed away, my wife bought me a case for my father's different pins and ribbons. We were only able to find one pin and one ribbon, so I called the Department of the Army, and they told me that they had an 18-month waiting list for them to treat a veteran that way. That didn't sit very good with me. So I thought, who can help? I ended up calling Shelley Moore Capito, and six weeks later she had my dad's pins. She actually presented them to myself and my family, and that absolutely meant the world to us. You know, there really are representatives out there that care about the little guy and that are willing to help, and I believe that Ms. Capito is one of those few people that do care. I want to be able to pass all of this down to my kids so they'll never forget.