Jeanne Shaheen

Making a Difference- Aug 8, 2014

Jeanne Shaheen
August 08, 2014
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Campaign status: Won

NEWSCASTER: Jeanne Shaheen continues to fight for funding to replace the Memorial Bridge.

SHAHEEN: This is so important because it's critical to the businesses in Portsmouth, it's critical to the shipyard workers who use that bridge.

TOM FERRINI: I'm Tom Ferrini, and I'm happy to be here almost one year to the day when this great Memorial Bridge behind me was opened after its reconstruction.

JACK BLALOCK: I'm Jack Blalock, from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I own and operate the old ferry landing restaurant for the last 30 plus years.

MARY CAREY FOLEY: Jeanne was certainly in the forefront of everything that was going on with the bridge, and I know she did everything she could to make this a reality.

BLALOCK: Jeanne Shaheen's effort to get the bridge funded and rebuilt has been vital to our local economy.

FERRINI: [Unintelligible] We have Sen. Jeanne Shaheen to thank for her efforts in procuring funding for the reconstruction and development of this bridge.

FOLEY: Back in 1923, my mother cut the ribbon and a year ago,when the new bridge opened, she cut the ribbon again, so it's a very very special bridge.

FERRINI: This is a critical piece of financial infrastructure here on the seacoast. It makes businesses grow and that helps our families and that helps our economic picture all around.

BLALOCK: Just can't say enough. I mean, Jeanne Shaheen has been excellent for the state of New Hampshire. Having Memorial Bridge back online has been nothing but good.

FOLEY: Thank you so much for being so good to the city of Portsmouth.

FERRINI: So I offer my thanks my friend, Sen. Shaheen.