Barbara Comstock

Getting Results - Sep 13, 2016

Barbara Comstock
September 13, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

LOUDON COUNTY SHERIFF MICHAEL CHAPMAN: I tell you, I don't think I've ever seen a harder working person from Congress than Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. She just never lets up. She is incredible. As you know, heroin was a problem back in the sixties and seventies and it had kind of gone away, and then it started to resurface but in a very extremely detrimental way back just a couple of years ago. And working with Barbara Comstock, we decided to really attack this problem. Together we decided who we should involve in as members of this team to fight this heroin problem. And it included educators, it included treatment specialists, it included law enforcement, it included mental health professionals. And we wanted to get everybody together to attack this problem in unison. Barbara Comstock has been involved in every aspect from education prevention to treatment and also to backing up law enforcement. She's been at every forum that we've had, every time that we've had folks out there talking about the tragedies they suffered in the families because of this problem. She's been so proactive in the community. She's everywhere. Barbara Comstock is very sensitive to this heroin issue. She understands from talking with families, from connecting with the community, how painful it is to the families that are losing loved ones because of this problem. And that's why she's so committed to finding a solution. She really has a comprehensive approach. She's compassionate, she's caring, she really wants to bring an end to this problem. Barbara Comstock always gets results. That's why I'm proud to work with her.

ANNOUNCER: Barbara Comstock for Congress.