Amy Klobuchar

Figured Out - Nov. 19, 2012

Amy Klobuchar
November 19, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

BETSY SATHERS: We always dreamed of having a family, but my Husband, Scott, was killed in the 35W bridge collapse. I decided that I would adopt as a single mom.

KLOBUCHAR: She was trying to adopt the kids from Haiti and then the earthquake happened.

SATHERS: Amy figured out how to get Ross and Elise home.

ANNOUNCER: Amy Klobuchar has helped hundreds of Minnesota families adopt.

KLOBUCHAR: How can you not help? That’s my job.

SATHERS: It’s nice to know that our family has someone like that to represent us.

KLOBUCHAR: I’m Any Klobuchar. I approve this message. I work for Minnesota.