Mary Landrieu

False & Misleading - Aug. 22, 2008

Mary Landrieu
August 22, 2008
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: What do you get when you mix high-octane nonsense with politics? False and misleading ads attacking Senator Mary Landrieu, that's what. Senator Landrieu is a leader, fighting to free us from Mideast oil and to lower gas prices. Mary Landrieu took on her own party to open up eight million more acres in the Gulf for drilling, and she's working to unite Republicans and Democrats in support of her plan to open up 120 million new acres for drilling and for developing alternative energy sources. She's a strong supporter of developing America's oil shale resources and it was her bipartisan bill that won Louisiana $40 billion in oil and gas royalties. Mary Landrieu is endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. They know she fights for jobs. And she's a leader in fighting for lower gas prices and reducing dependence on Mideast oil. Senator Mary Landrieu—fighting and winning for Louisiana.

LANDRIEU: I'm Mary Landrieu, candidate for Senate, and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by Friends of Mary Landrieu.