Marsha Blackburn

Remarks at the 2016 Republican National Committee - July 21, 2016

Marsha Blackburn
July 21, 2016— Cleveland, Ohio
2016 Republican National Convention
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Well, hello there, Tennessee! And hello to everybody here tonight. And to all of you who are watching us at home on iPhones and on Twitter, welcome!

I have a question for you. Do you—do you—want to help make America one again? Let me hear you! Alright!

You know, we have all had enough of bloated budgets, unkept promises and pointless red lines.

We've had enough division and enough heated rhetoric that serves to only drive a wedge between us and our neighbor.

Enough of seeing our 401k's get smaller, our bills get bigger, our taxes go up and our paychecks shrink.

In short, the American people have had it. Yes, and they are ready for change. They are ready for someone to take the reins and bring us together.

There is someone that can get the job done or as Larry the Cable Guy would say, Let's get 'er done!

There's someone who can come in ahead of schedule and under budget who's read the specs, has seen the bottom line, negotiated the cost and built something to last.

A leader who knows that this country is not full of assets to be managed, forgotten or deleted.

Our nation is full of citizens who want a leader who knows the sure route to prosperity, who inspires, who knows that leadership is a hard-fought verb and not a subject line in an email.

And that is why I am asking all of you to join me tonight in electing Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Donald Trump has the skills required to lead this nation, a diverse nation, and he can help our people achieve greatness.

He believes in the American dream because he has lived the American dream.

You know, the desire for greatness is not new.

President Lincoln stood right here in this very city 155 years ago with a call for us to bind together or perish apart.

Listen to his words: "If all do not join now to save the good ship of the union, this voyage, nobody will have a chance to pilot her on another."

And again, we find our nation in desperate need of true leadership, in desperate need of unity.

The last eight years have really been a challenge to our national and our household budgets, to our Constitution, and to the men and women who give their lives and their sacred honor to protect that Constitution and to protect us.

We know that Donald Trump is a leader who has seen challenges. He's learned his lessons, solved problems. He has delivered results.

Some of our nation's greatest leaders have been people who have worked in the real world, who know firsthand how cumbersome rules and unnecessary regulations get in the way of greatness.

I want a president who knows that leadership is not as it appears but it's as it performs, who has seen something through from beginning to completion, who looks at the mundane and sees magnificence.

After all, that's the magic of this country. That everyday people with big ideas and big dreams and the drive to complete them, not only can they change a skyline, they can change the world.

Leadership is not about lines on a resume. Gender, race, zip code, pedigree, lineage, hurt feelings are not qualifiers for leadership.

Leadership is a record of performance and accomplishment and team building. Now that is leadership that you can trust.

We Americans are bound together by the shared desire for faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity.

We want a president who believes that you, not Washington, knows best, who believes that you have the right to pursue your version of the American dream.

I know you believe—I do too—that America is on the edge of great and mighty things.

We need a President Donald Trump who understands this is about freedom and freedom's causes, who will choose to unite us, not divide us.

So, let me ask you another question. Are you with me? Are you with Trump-Pence 2016? Alright!

Together, we can get the country building, working, see jobs come back, our communities grow and see leaders actually lead.

And together, with you and with Trump-Pence 2016, we will be great again. We will be one again.

Thank you!

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