Nikki Haley

Beast of the Southeast Ad - February 6, 2024

Nikki Haley
February 06, 2024
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It's a great day in South Carolina! We cut taxes, we pay down our debt, and South Carolina was proud. We built more BMWs than any place in the world. We brought in Mercedes Benz, we brought in Volvo, five international tire companies. And yes, they were referring to us as the "Beast of the Southeast" which I still love. We brought that 11% down to 4%. We were union busters and said don't come into this state. We went a step further and we said that we were going to start making South Carolina work again. We opened up industry, we opened up business, we started getting our kids back on track. There were so many things that we did together. And when you think about all of that, just think about if we can translate that over.