Harriet Tubman

"Rooted Here" - August 2, 1859

Harriet Tubman
August 02, 1859
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. . . of a man who sowed onions and garlic on his land to increase his dairy productions; but he soon found the butter was strong and would not sell, and so he concluded to sow clover instead. But he soon found the wind had blown the onions and garlic all over his field. Just so, the white people had got the nigger here to do their drudgery, and now they were trying to root ‘em out and send ‘em back to Africa. But they can’t do it; we’re rooted here, and they can’t pull us up.

Source: The Liberator, August 26, 1859, p. 4.

Title taken from: Speaking While Female, Rooted Here, Harriet Tubman. Retrieved March 29, 2024, from https://speakingwhilefemale.co/race-tubman/