Shirley Chisholm

No Funds to Department of Defense - 1972

Shirley Chisholm
January 01, 1972
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Campaign status: Won

NARRATOR: Shirley Chisholm comes from an urban ghetto and is what all the other candidates for president can only talk about.

SHIRLEY CHISHOLM: My significance is not that I am the first black woman elected to the United States Congress, but that I won public office without selling out to anyone.

I intend to vote on on every money bill that comes to the floor of the House of the Representatives that provides any funds for the Department of Defense.

Until our values and our priorities have been turned right side up again.

I cannot vote money for a war while funds are being denied to feed, house, and school America.

I'm certain that more and more American women must become involved in politics. It could be the salvation of our nation.

There must be a new coalition of Americans: black, brown, white, red, and yellow. Rich and poor. Who are no longer willing to allow their rights as human beings to be infringed upon by anyone else, for whatever the reason.

NARRATOR: Vote for Shirley and her delegates on April 25th. A paid political announcement.