Bethany Hall-Long

Apply for ARPA Mental Health Services Fund - Jan. 7, 2022

Bethany Hall-Long
January 07, 2022
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Hi, I'm Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long. I hope you are doing really well during these difficult times. As a nurse and the chair of Delaware's Behavioral Health Consortium, I am really committed to making sure Delaware remains a leader in providing access to quality behavioral health services. We really want to help people.

I want to remind you of an important opportunity to help support more mental health services here in our state. On December 1, Governor Carney and I announced the creation of the community based mental health services fund. These funds, made available through the American Rescue Plan Act, will help support more mental health services for community based organizations in Delaware. The deadline for application submission is coming up, January 15, and we hope that you apply.

The COVID-19 pandemic has really taken a toll on all of our communities. Many of us have been struggling with increased levels of anxiety, depression and addiction. We are so grateful for all that our community partners and leaders who have stepped up to help guide us spiritually and emotionally during these times have helped us.

No one should have to struggle alone. It is okay not to be okay. The community based mental health service fund will provide critical resources for those who need it. It will also provide families access to early intervention and quality wraparound services and treatment to support their loved ones.

This investment is a critical support for our health care providers, our nonprofits, our faith based leaders, our institutions, all who deliver mental health care services to Delawareans.

I thank so much our congressional delegation here in Delaware and President Joe Biden, for their commitment to help Delawareans to get those behavioral health services, the system they need, that will work for all of us. You can find the application at the governor's Delaware website that's referenced here.

And together we can battle this latest surge of COVID Please wear the mask, wash your hands, get your vaccine and do those things to remain safe. These are important tips but most importantly I really hope that you will apply because together we will be a stronger, healthier state.