Stacey Plaskett

Congresswoman Plaskett Addresses Congress - April 18, 2023

Stacey Plaskett
April 18, 2023
Floor Speech
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Thank you, Mr. Speaker. We have now concluded 100 days of Congress, yet my colleagues across the aisle continue to prioritize political grievances, political theater, to the cost of the American people. Many are more concerned about policing women's and girls' bodies than they are about protecting the lives of all American citizens. The recent attempt to deny women access to FDA-approved medication because of its use in medical abortions is yet another attack on Americans' personal freedom. This week HR734 coming to the floor is a threat to young girls across this nation and their right to privacy. The GOP claim they are taking action to protect our children, yet they fail to address one of the greatest threats to our children, gun violence. This weekend in my home of the Virgin Islands, gun violence riddled our streets, taking the lives of young people in a place that does not manufacture guns, and has strict gun laws, and yet most of the guns that are confiscated in these actions are brought in illegally from places that do not have strict gun laws. Instead of pursuing an agenda aimed at violating Americans' rights, please, my colleagues across the aisle, let's work on protecting Americans' right to life outside the womb. I strongly urge my Republican colleagues to re-evaluate their priorities for the sake of the American people. I yield back.

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