Rashida Tlaib

House Session Discussion on Gun Violence - Feb 2, 2023

Rashida Tlaib
February 02, 2023
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Mr. speaker, I rise today in honor of the survivors of gun violence during national gun violence survivors week.

Sandy Hook, Parkland, Buffalo, and, yes, even Detroit, Chicago, and so many now are impacted by various names and memories of loved ones. Places where gun violence has traumatized our communities and taken far too many of our loved ones. Every day in our country more than 110 people are shot and killed and more than 200 people survive gunshot wounds. we are 33 days into the new year, mr. speaker, and there have already been 54 mass shootings. To every survivor of gun violence, from classmates who have witnessed their friends die, to families that have dinner at the table with an empty seat there we honor you always with action.

So I call on to my colleagues to stand up to the corporate gun lobby and send the assault weapons ban to president biden's desk. There is no reason to have weapons of war in our communities.

There is no reason that anyone needs a weapon of war that can fire up to 60 shots per minute. Thank you. I yield.

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