Lauren Boebert

Nomination of Rep. Kevin Hern for Speaker of the House - Jan. 6, 2023

Lauren Boebert
January 06, 2023— Washington, D.C.
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Boebert nominated Kevin Hern for speaker of the House of Representatives in the 12th ballot.

BOEBERT: Madam Clerk, I rise to enter a name for nomination for speaker.

HOUSE CLERK CHERYL JOHNSON: The gentlewoman is recognized.

BOEBERT: Once again I stand here today to nominate Kevin Hern, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus in the Republican conference who unanimously was elected as chairman, whom I believe can unite this Republican conference and put forward the agenda that we all promised to work hard on and serve our American people to the best of our abilities with. I believe that Kevin Hern will be a fighter for our national debt. I get texts on a regular basis at how inflation is hurting families, how grocery prices are skyrocketing continuously. He has crafted a budget that balances and will bring that to the floor to help the American people. Madam Clerk, I nominate Kevin Hern as speaker, thank you.

"U.S. House of Representatives House Session." C-SPAN live video. Jan. 6, 2023.