Christy Smith

Not Turning Back - Dec. 3, 2021

Christy Smith
December 03, 2021
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Campaign status: Lost


Three years later, I unexpectedly became pregnant and faced the hardest decision of my life. Hello L.A!

My name is Christy Smith and let me tell you, in 1996, I was 34 and a half weeks pregnant. I started having seizures so bad that I went blind temporarily.

I was rushed to the hospital. 12 hours later, my first daughter was delivered by emergency cesarean section to save my life.

Three years later, I unexpectedly became pregnant and faced the hardest decision of my life.

Do I potentially risk that again and leave my three-year-old without a mother? Or do I carry this pregnancy to term?

But the only people who had a right to be involved in that decision were me, my doctor, and my God.

So, I carried to term with the help and support of some incredible medical care providers and I am now the proud mom of two adult daughters.

But I will be damned if I nearly died having both of them only to have them see the day where they would become second-class citizens.

Where their rights to their own healthcare freedom and their reproductive choice is decided by people who, frankly, see this as a political narrative more about control than about freedom.

Because for those of us who actually read the Constitution, who believe in the Constitution, our individual liberty is guaranteed. And that includes our uterus.

So, I’m here to tell you not only am I going to unseat Mike Garcia, I’m going to make sure that when we talk about being pro-life in Congress, it means that we’re about guaranteeing maternal healthcare.

It means that we are about guaranteeing a good public school, solid nutrition, and the roof over the head of every child who lives in this country.

So when we talk about being pro-life, it means cradle to grave with a government that steps up when people are struggling.

That’s what it is to be pro-life.

Thank you.