Christy Smith

Let's Get This Done - Mar. 31, 2021

Christy Smith
March 31, 2021
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Campaign status: Lost


Last November, I lost the race for California’s twenty - fifth congressional district by only 333 votes.

That was the difference between our community having a representative who aligned himself with domestic terrorists or one who who aligns herself with American democracy.

On January 6th, we saw the real Mike Garcia. He sided with insurrectionists and against the people of our community.

As a mom of two daughters, and as someone who has spent years organizing, empowering people on the ground, and doing the work in our community.

I can’t sit by and watch any longer.

Defending democracy shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It’s at the core of what makes America… America.

Instead of dividing us, our Congressperson should care about all of us. By making healthcare a right for all. And ensuring an America where anyone who works hard can put a roof over their head, and food on the table for their family.

Where workers everywhere have a right to wages that keep pace with the cost of living, and to join a union.

Where immigrants are treated humanely, with dignity, and have a path to citizenship.

Where our children have a right to a liveable planet, because our leaders in Washington address climate change as the emergency it is, now.

And where everyone has a right to a social and economic justice system that is equitable and acknowledges and addresses disparity based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.

If we are going to leave future generations the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness then we have to fight harder than ever before. With our words, by organizing, and mobilizing against seditionists, against hate, and against the Washington corruption that holds us back.

333 votes was the difference. 334 votes is all it will take.

Join me. Let’s get this done.