Deidre DeJear

It's Time for Action - May 28, 2022

Deidre DeJear
May 28, 2022
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Campaign status: Lost

DEJEAR : The gun violence that we are experiencing in our state and across this country has us in a very very heavy place right now.

The feelings of anger, of sadness, all of these mixed emotions.

We’re in mourning. We're in mourning because too many people have been negatively impacted by gun violence, and in response to the shooting our governor in Iowa said quote no parent or child should ever have to face this unimaginable tragedy end quote.

No family should have to face these types of tragedies, but here's a question folks. What's she doing about it? We are in a crisis and instead of responding with action and compassion she has undone common sense legislation.

She has taken away something so simple as a permit that allows you or I to go and purchase a pistol or revolver. That requirement has gone away. Kim says that parents should have a choice. She's right. They should have a choice to be able to send their kids to a school knowing that they are not putting them in harm's way. The time for words and prayers alone has passed.

Good people, now is the time for action. action that actually is going to protect americans. to protect Iowans. Something like permits.Something like background checks for every gun purchase, and more importantly true investments into mental health care. We can do something about this but we need leadership.

Who's willing to take real action?