Deidre DeJear

Conversation Tour - July 12, 2021

Deidre DeJear
July 12, 2021
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Campaign status: Lost

Hi there. I’m Deidre DeJear. And I want to share some news with all of you, and also an invitation. Over the last few years Iowa has experienced a pandemic, the derecho, and deep economic pain for those living paycheck to paycheck, and crop to crop. But for every challenge comes an opportunity. Next year Iowa voters will choose our governor for the next four years. We will decide who will lead our state towards a more promising future. I’m a small business owner and an entrepreneur. And I worked with small business across our state to help them make it through the great recession and the tough times of the pandemic. And over the last fifteen years I’ve registered thousands of new voters, from school board races to presidential campaigns – including for Barak Obama, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris – to ensure Iowans had a voice in our democracy. Now let’s talk about that democracy, and what it means for all of us.

I’m a democrat – and I’m also an Iowan. And It’s more important now than ever to unite as Iowans. It’s why I’m starting a conversation tour, where I hope to talk with as many of you as possible – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Iowans – about how we’re all doing, and our hopes for Iowa’s future. For me, that includes a possible run for governor. But it’s important to start with these conversations – because if I run for governor I want it to a real, people powered, grassroots campaign; where you hear directly from me and I, get to hear from you about how we heal our communities, invest in our public schools, strengthen our businesses, and make sure every family has affordable health care.

I came to Iowa with the promise of an amazing education, and I stayed because of the people who opened doors and welcomed me with open arms. My faith teaches me to me grateful but also to give back, and to lead in times of challenge. So I hope you’ll join me for this conversation tour. You can see when I’ll be in your part of Iowa on Instagram, my Facebook page, and our website. Let’s get to know each other better, so together we can make some history and change Iowa, for the better. I’ll see ya soon.

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