Deidre DeJear

Vote for Schools - Sep. 11, 2017

Deidre DeJear
September 11, 2017
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Campaign status: Lost

Children make us laugh. They bring us joy. and more importantly, they are our future.

How many of y'all think voting is important? Raise your hand.

Okay put your hands down. How many you think that education is important? Raise your hand.

Voting is the most fundamental way to improving our community. School board elections are coming up September 12. On that day, use your voice to be the voice of our children. They're depending on it.

Why is voting in the school board election important? Why do we care? Vanessa.

Vanessa: If some people wanted new tablets at their school –

Student Speaker 1: That would be awesome.

DeJear: That would be awesome.

What do you have to say to people who, aren't sure whether or not they're gonna vote in the school board election?

Student Speaker 2: They should because there's not for them it’s for the kids who are going to the school.

DeJear: how many of you are going to go home and tell your parents to vote in the school board election?

Students: Me. Me. Me.

DeJear: Awesome. So go home and tell them to vote. Can we do that?

Students: Yeah.

DeJear: Great.

I'm Deidre DeJear, your candidate for Iowa Secretary of State, and I approve this message.

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