Ayanna Pressley

The 1 Bus - Aug. 7, 2018

Ayanna Pressley
August 07, 2018
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You can learn everything you need to know about the 7th Congressional District by riding the #1 bus, from Cambridge to Roxbury. People from every walk of life are on that bus. Everyone connected in that moment, just trying to get where they're going.

In a matter of blocks you will see a stark visual contrast of life experiences, household median income, and quite literally life expectancy drop, by decades.

The lens that I bring is certainly informed by my own life experiences and hardships but, more than anything it’s a lens informed by the people that I listen to everyday.

I’ve stayed, on purpose, in close proximity to the hurt, acutely uncomfortable so that I’ll never grow complacent in tackling these inequity and these disparities

But I’ve always don this work in partnership with communities because that’s what I believe that’s where the solutions live. I’ve sought out the people that have been most effected by an issue – whether it’s artists or cyclists or entrepreneurs or parents – and together we’ve governed and legislated. It is my fundamental belief, that the people closest to the pain, should be closest to the power, driving and informing the policy making.

It’s my job as a leader to lift up the stories and the struggles of the people I represent; to harness their ideas and their innovation – and not only is it what the times require but it’s what the residents of the 7th congressional district deserve. If they deliver me to that seat, I’m not going alone. I’m taking everyone with me.

My name is Ayanna Pressley, and I’m running for the 7th congressional district because these times require activist leadership. Leaders that will extend the hand of partnership, and take the fight to Washington.

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