Marjorie Taylor Greene

Remarks on impeachment of Donald J. Trump - Jan. 13, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene
January 13, 2021
House impeachment proceedings for President Donald J. Trump
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Madam speaker, I am against the impeachment effort by the Democrats. President trump has held over 600 rallies in the last four years. None of them included assaulting police, destroying businesses, or burning down cities. Democrats have spent all this time endorsing and enabling violent riots that left billions in property damage and 47 dead across the United States. Democrats are on record supporting violence when it serves their cause, in their own words, on social media, on interviews, and on fundraising platforms @blue. Democrats support defunding the police when it's someone else's city, someone else's home, and someone else's businesses. Democrats will take away everyone's guns, just as long as they have guards with guns. Democrats' impeachment of president trump today has now set the standard that they should be removed for their support of violence against the American people. I yield back. Thank you.

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