Diana DeGette

Remarks on impeachment of Donald J. Trump - Jan. 13, 2021

Diana DeGette
January 13, 2021
House impeachment proceedings for President Donald J. Trump
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Madam Speaker, just over a year ago I stood right there where you're standing today as we took the solemn step of impeaching the President of the United States for pressuring a foreign leader to take unlawful actions to help him in his reelection. And now, just one week ago almost to the hour, I laid right there on the floor of the Gallery above us. I heard gunshots in the Speaker's Lobby, I heard the mob pounding on the door. And what they were trying to do — they were all an angry mob incited by the President trying to stop certification of a legitimate election. It's clear the President learned nothing in the last year. Yesterday the President said again he did nothing wrong. This man is dangerous, he has defied the Constitution, he's incited sedition, and he must be removed. We all took a pledge on January 3 to uphold the Constitution, we must honor that oath. We must vote yes on this article of impeachment.

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