Susan Collins

The Harpers - Oct. 14, 2020

Susan Collins
October 14, 2020
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Campaign status: Won

VALERIE HARPER: I was born legally deaf and I wear cochlear implants to hear.

THURLOW HARPER: Those implants are expensive and we need Social Security Disability to cover the cost.

VALERIE HARPER: But confusing red tape threatened to take away my benefits and that would have taken away my hearing.

THURLOW HARPER: I happened to run into Susan Collins at the transfer station and I asked her for help.

VALERIE HARPER: Susan fought for me and my benefits were protected.

THURLOW HARPER: 18 months of frustration and within three weeks with Susan’s help it was solved.

VALERIE HARPER: Thank you, Susan, for fighting for me and my family.

COLLINS: I’m Susan Collins and I’ve approved this message.