Susan Collins

Open - Oct. 17, 2020

Susan Collins
October 17, 2020
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Campaign status: Won

BENTLEY WARREN: We were very uncertain what we were going to do when this coronavirus hit.

JONATHAN WEST: At this point we're all just trying to keep our doors open.

PETER GUIDI: While my business was failing, Sara Gideon did nothing to help people or businesses in the state of Maine.

BENTLEY WARREN: Fortunately, Susan Collins came up with the Paycheck Protection Program.

STACEY GUERIN: The PPP allowed us to get through the darkest days of the COVID shutdown.

BENTLEY WARREN: Without Susan Collins, I don't think we'd be open right now.

JONATHAN WEST: Susan Collins has always been a fighter for jobs in Maine.

COLLINS: I'm Susan Collins and I've approved this message.