Susan Collins

One Promise | 30 - Oct. 12, 2020

Susan Collins
October 12, 2020
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Campaign status: Won

RAY LYNDS: Here at Bath Iron Works, seniority and experience matters. And Susan Collins experience means everything to us.

JACOB FUSCO: Without ships there are no jobs and Susan got us ships.

DEL CHADBOURNE: Susan Collins came down to the strike line and talked to us and she got us back to work.

TYLOR RAE “GRENADE” HYER: Susan cares about our union brothers and sisters.

ISAIAH CHADBOURNE: Susan Collins means job security for us and our families.

GLENN CHATEAUVERT: Susan came here and made one promise: to fight for Maine jobs and Maine people and she's done it.

ALL: Thank you, Susan.

COLLINS: I'm Susan Collins and I've approved this message.