Susan Collins

Earned - July 24, 2020

Susan Collins
July 24, 2020
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Campaign status: Won

NARRATOR: It is America's promise that we will take care of our military families. But many surviving spouses of our veterans saw the benefits they earned slashed because of a policy that penalized them — often called the “Widow’s Tax.”

COLLINS: What an inequity, how unfair. And it's a penalty that has cost the average surviving military spouse nearly $11,000 a year, that's just wrong.

NARRATOR: Susan worked with Democrats, Republicans and veteran’s advocates to end this unfair penalty.

COLLINS: You recruit the soldier but you retain the family. My father taught me to respect our veterans and our military families. I will never stop fighting to deliver the benefits that they've earned through their service and sacrifice. I'm Susan Collins and I've approved this message.