Sara Gideon

No Business Too Small - Aug. 14, 2020

Sara Gideon
August 14, 2020
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Campaign status: Lost

POLLY: When you run a small business, sometimes you're made to feel rather small.

BECKY SHEPHERD: Washington passes tax breaks for corporations, but there's no special interest looking out for us.

JOHN: That's why we're backing Sara Gideon.

BECKY SHEPHERD: It's Sara who wrote the law to help small businesses afford health care.

JOHN: She expanded job training programs.

PETER: And Sara Gideon supported vocational education, getting students on the right path.

BECKY SHEPHERD: No business in Maine is too small for Sara.

PRENTICE: She's who we need in the Senate.

GIDEON: I'm Sara Gideon and I approve this message.