Sara Gideon

Next Question - Aug. 11, 2020

Sara Gideon
August 11, 2020
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Campaign status: Lost

GIDEON: From the beginning, our campaign has been focused on having conversations with Mainers wherever you live.

MAN 1: I’m backing you 100%.

GIDEON: And while things have taken some unexpected turns along the way, that will always be our priority. Suppers with Sara may not look the same as they used to, but that's not going to stop us from hearing from you.

WOMAN 1: What do you think of Washington's response to COVID?

MAN 2: As long as you're true to yourself and you communicate back to us, I know I will support you.

WOMAN 2: There is so much money in politics. And what can you do about that?

DEAN BAILEY: She seems to really want to hear what folks have to say, not just get out the door and go on to the next thing.

KIM MOODY: I feel like Sara will never bow down to special interests. She's real.

IKE LEVINE: I like the fact that she's willing to listen.

KATHY BUZZELL: I do want to support Sara because she's putting in the effort to support me.

MAN 3: You have to win! You have to win!

GIDEON: I'm Sara Gideon and I approve this message.

MAN 4: I have faith in you like I haven't had too many politicians in my life.

GIDEON: Thank you.