Sara Gideon

Around - July 6, 2020

Sara Gideon
July 06, 2020
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Campaign status: Won

GIDEON: We’ve always taught our kids to look at the world around them and to decide how they’re going to take part and make a difference. But we’ve always said to them, “You need to decide how you want to do that.” And that’s really why I’m running for the Senate today, because I look at the world around me, I look at what’s happening in people’s lives, and I see the ways that we can make a difference. I think when we see how we have come together to address this pandemic, we need to think proactively about how we deal with other issues that are out there for us. With all the challenges that we face right now, and with the way that Washington seems to be so broken, it’s easy to be discouraged, and it’s easy to think that we just can’t get anything done, but I don’t buy that. I think it’s about people making a decision to work together. I think it’s about people finding a path to get something done. And that’s exactly why I’m going to the U.S. Senate. I’m Sara Gideon and I approve this message.