Amy McGrath

About You - May 16, 2020

Amy McGrath
May 16, 2020
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Campaign status: Lost

McGRATH: What is leadership? And where are we seeing it in the middle of everything we're going through right now? I'm Amy McGrath, and just like when I served in combat, we can see our leaders on the front lines. Only this time, it's in our states. Republican governors like Mike DeWine in Ohio, and Larry Hogan in Maryland, and Democrats like Andrew Cuomo in New York, and our own governor, Andy Beshear, they're all showing us what real leadership is, and political party has nothing to do with it. I lived this kind of leadership as a Marine. We didn't care about politics. We just wanted to serve our country. But Senator McConnell sees it differently. He doesn't wanna pass what he calls "blue state bailouts," even though Kentucky would get badly needed help, too. It's why he said we should just declare bankruptcy. For Senator McConnell, it's always about politics. I approve this message because as your senator, for me, it'll always be about you.