Theresa Greenfield

Twins - Sept. 3, 2020

Theresa Greenfield
September 03, 2020
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Campaign status: Lost

GREENFIELD: I’m Theresa.

MARIA: And I’m Maria, Theresa’s identical twin.

GREENFIELD: We’re a lot alike, except I was the better basketball player.

MARIA: I love being a twin.

GREENFIELD: Me too, but what we don’t need are more political twins in Washington.

MARIA: People who just do what their party leaders say.

GREENFIELD: Folks, Joni Ernst said she’d be independent and she’s been anything but.

MARIA: I’m Theresa and I approve this...

GREENFIELD: Hey, I’m the real Theresa Greenfield and I approve this message because the only twin I’ve got is her.