Gabrielle Giffords

Remarks at the 2020 Democratic National Convention - Aug. 19, 2020

Gabrielle Giffords
August 19, 2020
Democratic National Convention 2020
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I've known the darkest of days. Days of pain and uncertain recovery. But confronted by despair, I've summoned hope. Confronted by paralysis anesthesia, I responded with grit and determination. I put one foot in front of the other, I found one word and then I found another. My recovery is a daily fight but fighting makes me stronger. Words once came easily, today I struggle to speak but I have not lost my voice. America needs all of us to speak out, even when you have to fight to find the words. We are at a crossroads; we can let the shooting continue or we can act. We can protect our families, our future, we can vote, we can be on the right side of history. We must elect Joe Biden. He was there for me; he'll be there for you too. Join us in this fight. Vote, vote, vote. Thank you very much.

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