Sara Gideon

Everywhere - May 6, 2020

Sara Gideon
May 06, 2020
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Campaign status: Won

CITIZEN 1: Great turnout, my goodness.

AMELIA CHRISTNOT: For Sara to have come up here and to meet with us and to speak with us and you know, take our questions, that says a lot.

CITIZEN 2: I want to welcome you to Aroostook County, it’s wonderful to have you here. My question to you is, are we going to keep seeing you after you’re elected our new U.S. Senator? Are we going to see you back here?

GIDEON: Our communities and small towns are the lifeblood of who we are, here in Maine. My belief is, if we are not constantly listening and hearing from our constituents then how could we possibly be doing our job?

LEE THOMAS: I think it’s pretty impressive that Sara is going all across the state. Especially going to rural areas, all the way up in northern Maine.

CITIZEN 2: Thank you so much.

GIDEON: Thank you for being here.

CINDY EDGECOMB: Sara listens. You can learn a lot when you listen. That’s why we have one mouth and two ears.

GIDEON: I’m Sara Gideon and I approve this message.