Sara Gideon

Civility - June 2, 2020

Sara Gideon
June 02, 2020
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Campaign status: Won

AMELIA CHRISTNOT: I asked Sara Gideon where she stood as far as partisan politics.

GIDEON: I started off on the town council, and we didn’t have “Democrat” or “Republican” next to our name. It’s how I learned how to actually create compromise and get things done.

LEE THOMAS: Sara’s willingness to work across the aisle, not worrying about who’s Republicans or who’s Democrats, ‘cause frankly, most people are tired of that crap.

GIDEON: My idea was pretty simple mixing our seating among Republicans and Democrats. But so many people really didn’t like the idea. It demonstrated the high level of distrust, and every answer made me feel more sure that sitting together was the only way that we could begin to heal.

BERTHA LIBBY: Her idea to bring people together is great.

GIDEON: If you are willing to listen, and you are willing to sit down with the people that you think you disagree with the most, it is still really possible to get things done. I’m Sara Gideon and I approve this message.