Joni Ernst

All Hands on Deck to Address COVID-19 - March 17, 2020

Joni Ernst
March 17, 2020— Washington, D.C.
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We are at a point now where it is all hands on deck. From the federal, the state, the local level, even throughout all of our communities with individuals helping one another through this coronavirus outbreak. It is really important that we are all working together — Democrats, Republicans, and independents — to come up with solutions that are for the working public — the American public — and also those that might be vulnerable to the coronavirus. So, at the federal level we are working through a number of packages to protect Americans. Not only with the resources for businesses and individuals, but also protect them through the first package we did which was to help our health officials fight the coronavirus. Now, at the state level we know Governor Kim Reynolds is working very hard as well. And I was able to spend time this past weekend at the State Emergency Operations Center visiting with folks in that supply chain making sure that our grocers and our warehouses are able to get necessary supplies out to the consuming public. And then also at the local level we really need folks coming together and checking in on their neighbors, the elderly — those that are very vulnerable. So again, just asking that everybody show a little bit of kindness, show that community support, help one another as we work through this coronavirus episode.

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