Joni Ernst

Tackling the Coronavirus - March 10, 2020

Joni Ernst
March 10, 2020— Washington, D.C.
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I’m very grateful that we were able to act so quickly on a package that will support the resources necessary to combat the coronavirus and again it was a bipartisan measure and very thankful that the President had that signed as quickly as he did. I hope that we are able to continue working in a bipartisan way to work our way through the coronavirus and all of the following issues. Back home in Iowa we have a great partnership between governor Kim Reynolds and the administration — the delegation here in Congress — and working with her and making sure that all of our public health officials are informed and getting the word out to our constituents. So, I do hope that all of the other states are working in conjunction with each other, it’s going to take a partnership to get through this episode. So again, we hope to be working together very tightly in the upcoming months.

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