Sara Gideon

Supper With Sara - Jan. 27, 2020

Sara Gideon
January 27, 2020
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Campaign status: Won

GIDEON: We call it Supper with Sarah. Traveling to talk with Mainers wherever they live.

WOMAN 1: Thank you so much for coming to Old Town.

WOMAN 2: Pleased to meet you

GIDEON: I’m so happy to meet you too.

ANN HOLLAND: We don’t see very many people running for any office.

WOMAN 3: I saw you in Saco a couple weeks ago.

JOHN PATRICK: Sara Gideon is showing that she’s willing to go everywhere, so people can ask her the questions that are most important to them.

WOMAN 4: I’m wondering what ideas you have ---

WOMAN 5: I’m concerned about the judiciary.

MAN 1: Thank you for making healthcare the foremost issue in your campaign.

MAN 2: How would you be different?

MAN 3: I’m backing you 100%.

GIDEON: We have to take the pharmaceutical companies on, they absolutely have bought their way into all of our laws.

PATTY KENNY: Washington is working well for people that have money. It’s not working well for the average American.

DON TODD: We need some new blood in Washington and we need it now.

GIDEON: I’m Sara Gideon, I approve this message. Hope to see you soon!

WOMAN 6: I’ve got a lot of faith in you,

GIDEON: Thank you.

WOMAN 6: and I really, really, really like you.