Elizabeth Warren

Fight From the Heart - Jan. 14, 2020

Elizabeth Warren
January 14, 2020
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Campaign status: Lost

WARREN: I’m Elizabeth Warren and I approve this message.

MAN 1: Elizabeth Warren is fearless.

WOMAN 1: Elizabeth Warren is my hero.

WOMAN 2: There is so much love for all of the big ideas that Elizabeth has proposed.

WARREN: What can you do with two cents?

MAN 2: A lot!

WARREN: A lot!

MAN 3: Elizabeth has spent her whole career fighting for us and it’s time we fight for her.

CROWD: Big structural change! Big structural change! Big structural change!

WOMAN 3: She’s got great plans for the future, for the country.

MAN 4: I am confident that Senator Warren has the program and the plan.

WOMAN 4: She knows what is broken in the country and she knows how to fix it.

MAN 5: She’s bringing a lot more opportunity, not only back to Iowa, but back to the United States.

WOMAN 5: Elizabeth Warren… is a badass

MAN 6: She’s the most perfect candidate for the 2020 nomination.

WOMAN 6: Everybody, let’s stick together and get this job done. Elizabeth for President.

MAN 7: We’re behind her 100%.

MAN 5: Elizabeth Warren is the next President.

WOMAN 7: I’m ready to go now. Let’s get it!