Nannie Helen Burroughs

From a Woman's Point of View - Votes for Justice and Jobs - 1936

Nannie Helen Burroughs
January 01, 1936
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Nannie H. Burroughs

The majority of the people who are going to vote on November 3 are terribly confused. They might know for whom they are going to vote but they do not know for what they are going to vote. They have been so fed up on political swill, ballyhoo, vagaries, personalities and bunk that even those who have been doing the feeding are distressingly skeptical as to just what the millions of voters will heave up on election day.

In our desire to head off both of the men who are candidates for the presidency of the United States, we have succeeded in putting both candidates in the class of “public enemies number one” and in throwing both of the major parties into the political limbo.

If all that we hear of the lack of fitness of each one of the presidential candidates is true, which-ever way the election goes, the voters will find themselves locked up in a political inferno for the next four years or to the end of time.

The fact is the cracked-brained revenge seeking campaigners are so busy trying to head off the candidates for the presidency that we might wake up on November 4 and find that we forgot that we should have kept one eye on the presidency and the other on the men who are running for the Congress. The congressional candidates need as much watching and exposing as the presidential candidates. Some of the congressional candidates are very glad to help keep the eyes of the voters on the candidates for the presidency, so that they can slip through unscratched.

Those who know their United States congress, know too well that if the voters let a gang of half-baked political rubber stamps and nondiscripts slip by in this election, such legislators will be a greater menace to the safety of the government than any president can be, however revolutionary or reactionary he might try to be.

After all, no president can get very far from taw, if the men who sit on Capitol Hill have sense and courage enough to “sit tight.” It is necessary for the right man in to the presidency, but with all of our putting, it is just as necessary to put the right men in the Congress of the United States. There is always great danger of unfit men being swept into Congress on a party landslide.