Nannie Helen Burroughs

What Are Men Fighting For? - April 4, 1943

Nannie Helen Burroughs
April 04, 1943
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What are men fighting for, you ask? The answer is not far to find. They’re fighting for peace on earth, And, then, good-will to all mankind.

They’re fighting to conquer the forces arrayed, Against their freedom and justice and place, Their place on earth, where-ever they be, On land, in air, on ocean or sea.

They’re fighting that all men shall earn their bread To lift their hearts, hold high their heads, To enjoy the earth and be fully free, As God intended mankind to be.

They’re fighting for peace for every race, Regardless of creed or color or place. This is the justice that all men crave; For which they’d rather die, than for despots slave.

No race on earth will live again, Beneath another’s rod, Or take the chaf that’s offered it, In place of their gifts from God.

Not land divided as the spoil, Or words writ in gold, Nor armies circled ‘round the earth Can bring peace to this troubled globe.

For justice, as solid as pure gold, And freedom for all who breathe, Are the only blessings that mankind hungers for, And will fight ‘til the price is paid.


[handwritten] Apr. 4, 1943.