Nannie Helen Burroughs

A Prayer to be Prayed by the Ministers Representing the Fraternal Council of Negro Churches - Jan. 7, 1948

Nannie Helen Burroughs
January 07, 1948
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To be prayed January 7, 1948 by the


closing their prayer march to the


Our Father, the Father of all mankind: We come to this place today in Thy Holy Name. We come in sacred memory and deep gratitude for Thy goodness and mercy to us as a nation. Thou hast protected, promoted, and exalted this people, and permitted them to grow and prosper and sit in high places among all the nations of the world.

Thou hast permitted them to carry the gospel; extend commerce; and fight for their own security. And now, O God and Father, we pray Thee to give this people a burning desire to build Thy Kingdom in the hearts of men, and to make brotherhood real in this land and in all lands. Help this Christian Nation to glorify the things of the spirit. Help us to forget race and creed—help us not to depend on material things for power. We need Thy protection and Thy guidance. Humble us in heart. Give this people the spirit of service, and of righteousness so that this nation can endure. We beseech Thee to teach all nations how to make wars to cease. Give clear vision, divine guidance, and direction to the men and women who occupy places of leadership and responsibility.

Help our Congress, now assembling, to consider grave and far-reaching questions, not to become a house divided against itself on questions that make for justice, progress, and peace. Help them to find a way to outlaw mob murder. Help them to enact laws that shall give to every man, woman, and child in this nation equal opportunity for education, work, and protection, under the law.

And now, O Father, we lay our petition before Thee, and beg that Thou wilt purge this whole nation of injustice, hate, and greed. We pray for longsuffering, patient toilers who live in darnkess [darkness] and dispair [despair] amid dangers and difficulties that wound their souls and break their spirits. We pray Thee to help us to lift this whole nation by Thy grace, and truth, and love. Help us to speak the Word of Life and work together for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. In Jesus Name, we ask these blessings, and the forgiveness of our sins of omission and commission,