Betsy Sweet

This is Your Campaign - June 28, 2019

Betsy Sweet
June 28, 2019
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Campaign status: Lost

SWEET: Oh my goodness. Well I bet you thought when we move this to this a distillery something was brewing. [laughter]

So as you know, my name is Betsy Sweet and I am running for the United States Senate. [cheers]

I have not climbed the traditional party ladder. I am here because I have seen the power of people working together for real change. It's how I helped pass the first Family Medical Leave Act in the nation [cheers]. It's how we've gotten rights for LGBTQ folks in Main. It's how I decided to start my own business to support social change in the Maine Legislature. And it is how I have raised three amazing, wonderful girls – now young women – as a single mom.

People all over the state are struggling. We are angry. We are worried and increasingly isolated from one another. And our senior senator from Maine doesn't seem to notice.

I do not want you to make any mistake about what has created this crisis that we are all feeling. It is insurance money and big pharma money that has blocked health care for all [applause]. It is fossil fuel money that has blocked action on climate change. And it is the money of the powerful elite that blocks election reform that allows people in a democracy to actually go vote.

We are going to do this differently. Now, I have assembled the most amazing incredible team for this campaign. Right now, I'd like to introduce them. Everybody – take a look to your right and take a look to your left. I want you to go shake the hand in this room of somebody you do not know.

This campaign is going to be about neighbors talking to neighbors. And this is not a campaign about me. This is a campaign about us. Let us inspire hearts and minds in a new direction. Let us change the news. Let Maine lead the nation. Democracy can be renewed. Our environment can be saved. Women's reproductive choice will be protected. And healthcare for all will be achieved. You know it. I know it. [applause]

Let's get started. Join this campaign, and let's make some history. [cheers]