Keli Carender

Keli Carender Introduces Herself - March 19, 2010

Keli Carender
March 19, 2010
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Yeah hi I'm Keli Carender and I decided to go to my representative Norm Dick’s town hall in August of 2009 so that I could tell him face-to-face how I felt about the health care reform bill that was going through Congress. So I showed up and there was about eleven hundred people there and there were no seats left so I just kind of worked my way up to the front and managed to catch the woman who was holding the mics for questions to be asked. And I typed up my comment beforehand because I wanted to make sure I didn't go off into different tangents because there was one point that I wanted to make. And she let me have the mic and I asked my question and then at the end of it I thought too many times, we asked the our congressmen and women things and they can just answer yes no or I feel your pain, but I wanted to give him something to really think about and I wanted to put him on the spot, and I wanted to see how he would react to something kind of out of the ordinary so I offered him twenty dollars to start the- the public option for the health care plan that I disagreed with because I felt like he wants to do that and he wants to come and take my money than he should be man enough to do it in front of everyone instead of through eleven hundred pages of legislation.