Amy Kremer

Senator Mike Lee Endorsement - Dec. 4, 2016

Amy Kremer
December 04, 2013— Utah
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But as we all have seen recently with the defund Obamacare effort and the government shutdown, there's not enough conservatives in Washington DC. We need more conservatives in Washington DC. We need more conservatives, just like Senator Mike Lee, who are there to protect the Constitution and fight for the American people. And that is what is so refreshing about Senator Mike Lee, and others that were elected in the past two election cycles, is that they're actually they've gone to Washington and they're actually doing what they promised to do. They're not fallen into that go along get along good old boy club, we've seen that too much. That's what's gotten us into the mess that we've been in.

And finally- finally, we have these senators that are standing up and fighting for the American people, fighting for what is good for this country, and they understand the importance of the US Constitution. Amelia referenced the 21 hour filibuster and yes Senator Lee was right there on the floor with Ted Cruz. If you watched it, and I watched every minute of it all night, in the middle of the night, I don't know sometime 1-3-2 o'clock in the morning, I don't know what time it was it all ran together, and you think how are they going to stay awake? I mean, what are they going to do? And here comes Senator Mike Lee giving this amazing instruction on the US Constitution with no notes nothing in front of him, talking about it because he knows it, he lives it and he breathes it. He understands it, and I'm not so sure that there's many others that can do that.

It really was amazing and we talk about it to this day. He understands what is happening in Washington, he understands why it's important that we fight, and the thing is he doesn't sway according to which way the political wind is blowing. He is a honorable, principled man who has done exactly what he's- he's that he was going to do and there's not many people like that in Washington. We've seen what happens all too often, and because he is principled and we know he's not going to change his principles three weeks from now or three years from now, Tea Party Express is happy and excited to do something that people don't normally do and that is we're going to endorsee Senator Mike Lee for the United States Senate for 2016.

We cannot elect these good conservatives and send them to Washington and not give them the support that they need. And we have these grassroots activist here from Utah, in the state, here supporting him today, and we've been asked to come here because he needs our help he needs our support, but the thing is he doesn't just represent the people of Utah he represents millions of Americans across this country. And I am telling you, if the other grassroots activists in other states could be here, they would be here because they, too, support Senator Mike Lee.

No one could understand why the defund Obamacare effort took on the legs that it did and became this- it had its own life. Well I can tell you exactly why, it's not hard to understand, it's because that's what the people wanted. That's exactly what the people wanted, and that's why Senator Lee and Senator Cruz had the platform that they did because the people gave them the platform. And so, millions of Americans across this country are standing united with the citizens of Utah and with Senator Mike Lee. They too support him. We are going to be here through 2016 to make sure that he is reelected in 2016 and we are going to continue to support him.