Martha McSally

Concession Speech - November 13, 2018

Martha McSally
November 13, 2018— Arizona
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MCSALLY: Hey everybody, I just called Kirsten Sinema and congratulated her on becoming Arizona’s first female senator after a hard fought battle. I wish her all success as she represents Arizona in the Senate, and I also want to say thank you to everyone who supported me in this campaign, my staff and volunteers and everybody who voted for me. I’m so grateful for you as my wingman and wingwomen in this journey. We sure wish it came out with a different result, but I’m so thankful for you. As I traveled around this state, I was so inspired by the many people that I met and I am convinced Arizona is the best state in the country and our best days are still yet to come and I’m going to continue to pray for our success. Thank you so much.