Claire McCaskill

Concession Speech – Nov. 6, 2018

Claire McCaskill
November 06, 2018— St. Louis, Missouri
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I wanted to come down, obviously, and say a few words about what's happened today and how the future is brighter than we all think it right now—it is.

We had some good results tonight. The Democrats took the House of Representatives. We have governors that are Democrats now in both Illinois and Kansas. So there were some bright spots.

Obviously we fell short and that's disappointing. Not for me, but what I feel the most pain about tonight are all of the people who for the first time as many of them in their lives said, I'm gonna do more than just sit on the couch and cuss the TV. I'm gonna show up. I'm gonna work hard.

And for the thousands of people who volunteered on this campaign, and there were literally thousands and thousands and thousands of you. I am so grateful and I want you to keep that fire burning because there is justice around the corner.

I want to thank an amazing campaign staff; did a tremendous job. We ran the strongest campaign in the country.

I want to thank my family. My family has had to put up with a lot, especially this guy [pats husband’s shoulder]. Little did he know when he fell in love with me what he had in store for him. He said, “I’m not really sure I want to be married to a politician.”

I said, “Oh, it’ll be fine.” He really has had to endure, especially in this campaign. You don’t even know how nasty they were. It was terrible, what they tried to do to him.

And then look at this, huh? [motioning to family] These are my siblings and my children and my step-children and a small part of my grandchildren. Many of them are too young to be up this late. So how can I look to the future and be anything but blessed, right?

But I want to say my biggest thanks to the people of Missouri. The people of Missouri allowed me, beginning when I was 28 years old, to serve the public, to serve them, to be a public servant. And for decades, I have been blessed to get up every day and work in a challenging and interesting job, trying to make things better in people’s lives. It has been such an honor, and I…this state drives me crazy but I love every corner of it! I really do! I mean, I even love the reddest of the red counties. And there were a lot of them tonight.

Because the people of this state are down to earth and they are kind and they are…well, they’re like family to me. So I feel like we’ve won a lot of elections together, Missouri and me. My record ends at 22 and 2. Not a bad record.

And so many times, the experts said we couldn’t win, and because of the people of Missouri, we did. So I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart….

And also I want to with Josh Hawley well. I called him and congratulated him.

But I really want to thank the people of Missouri for giving me the opportunity to serve for as long as I have. I feel good about that service. I think I’ve made a difference at key moments in key ways.

And believe it or not, I know my mouth gets me in trouble a lot, right? But believe it or not, I’ve really had to be kind of careful. Not anymore!

I will be out there fighting with you. I am not going away. I love this state. I will continue to serve. I look forward…in this audience tonight, there are candidates that will stand for election in this state and win. And I look forward to helping you, helping nurture the next generation of leaders, for the values that we care about.

And for now it is good night, but it is not good bye. I love you guys to death. Thank you so very much for all you’ve done. Thank you, thank you.